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200 Hour In-Depth Studies

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The scope, depth, and personal approach of these courses has been designed to develop practitioners who embody and are able to share with others an authentic practice of yoga.  The intention of these courses is to bring education and community to students and teachers of yoga that want to explore the richness that yoga has to offer.Do you have a passion to share the joys of yoga with others? Participating in an in-depth studies course provides an opportunity for students of all levels to learn and experience the life-changing practice of yoga.  Drawing from traditional yoga theory as well as modern knowledge of the body and mind, these courses are designed to develop exceptional practitioners that are then able to guide others along the path of yoga.

As a Yoga Alliance Registered School, course hours are recognized as continuing education through the Yoga Alliance, or can be used towards a Yoga Alliance Teacher Registration at the 200 hour level (RYT200).  YogaAlliance is a non-profit organization that maintains education standards and a national registry of Registered Yoga Teachers.  For more information on Yoga Alliance, visit

Course Sessions:

Gain an understanding of the respiratory, nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems and how to apply this knowledge to yoga practice.  Learn efficient and safe applications of anatomy and movement, including modifications and contraindications as well as effective hands-on adjustments.
Introduction to Yoga, Introduction to Anatomy, Basic Anatomy of the Muscular and Skeletal System, Physiology of Stretching
Anatomy and Asana: Forward Bends and Extensions
Anatomy and Asana: Backbends and Laterals
Anatomy and Asana: Twists and Inversions

Discover the energetics of sequencing, how to structure an effective practice, and wise preparation (vinyasa krama) for the most beneficial practice.  These sessions cover the energies of the chakras, prana vayus, the primary doshas and gunas, and bandhas.
Vinyasa Krama/Energetics I: Sequencing, Preparation, Counterposing, Relaxation, and the Nervous System
Vinyasa Krama/Energetics II: Chakras, Prana Vayus, Doshas, and Gunas.

Learn basic pranayama techniques, their proper use and benefits, anatomy & physiology of the breath, and how to practice pranayama effectively.  This session also covers the energies and practices of mudras and bandhas.
Vinyasa Krama/Energetics III: Bandhas, Mudras, and Pranayama

An introduction to the Sanskrit language, the use and benefits of mantra practice, and the science of sound.


Learn the importance of meditation, its role as a part of yoga and how to create and lead a practice.
Sanskrit, Mantra, and Meditation

Study the psychology, philosophy and history of yoga.  Explore the literary and cultural heritage of yoga, and how to practically and effectively integrate these teachings into your practices and life.
Yoga History and Philosophy
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Learn how to effectively adapt yoga to special populations, including, pregnant women, seniors and children.  Learn how to modify yoga for those with limitations and disabilities.
Special Populations