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Thai Massage and Energy Work by LeaAnne

Certified Thai Healing Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Theta Level 2 DNA practitioner, Educated in sound healing, crystal healing, and Master Herbalist. LeaAnne is very knowledgeable about food, nutrition, dietary supplements, homeopathy, food ingredients and chemicals.

LeaAnne's Energy Healing work encompasses physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. She has assisted many clients in clearing away layers of judgments, limiting or outdated beliefs, suppressed emotions, and energy blockages, chords and attachments resulting in permanently removing physical pain, emotional suffering and negative experiences. Thai Healing Massage bodywork has assisted in physical balancing, restoration of movement, relief of pain and stress, and recovery from injuries.

Our bodies resonate with the energy of our thoughts and feelings in our cells, tissues, organs, and auric field. Physical health is a reflection of inner balance. LeaAnne's work wi ll help you to heal or change patterns that prevent you from your ultimate health.

Since 1987, she has studied the interconnecting systems that provide vital life force energy to the body and keep it healthy and operating strong. These systems can become blocked, sluggish, or shut down completely by fears, negative thought patterns, unhealthy foods, emotional trauma and stress. When these systems are flowing freely, the body, mind and emotions are healthy and balanced. When they are blocked or sluggish; the body responds with pain and if unresolved, disease states emerge. 

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Spiritual-Body Work Specialist

I am here to help facilitate the natural healing paradigm of the body through connection of mental, emotional and ethereal planes and providing a safe space for healing and relaxation.

I offer a wide variety of modalities from massage and bodywork to energetic cleansing, balancing and activation as well as distance healing and readings.
I have a passion to help as many people as possible live a life free from pain and suffering by connecting all pieces back to self for wholeness.

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