What makes Rescue Yoga so special? 

"What I think makes Rescue Yoga remarkable is that we invite anyone and everyone to come to our studio just as they are. No certain level of fitness, flexibility or yoga knowledge is required. No matter where someone is physically, we can work with them. We find out where they want to be and  begin to guide them on their journey. As an instructor, my biggest reward is helping others live a more active and healthy life. I love seeing people from all generations and walks of life enjoy companionship through their yoga practice." 
~ Jessica C, Actress

"I adore going to Rescue Yoga.  The perfect blend of knowledgeable and personal instructors with an atmosphere that is relaxed and real. Any preconceived ideas about yoga can be left behind. The classes start where you are and take you from there."
~ Cathy H.

"I discovered this gem in our neighborhood when searching for Tai Chi classes to help ease my husband's Parkinson's symptoms.  That's when I realized that it was owned by one of my previous yoga instructors, Jenny.  To top off the happiness scale, Jenny had recently signed up my much-loved belly dance teacher, Farasha, to start teaching classes at Rescue Yoga!  I have found my second home."
~ Carol W.

"I eagerly encourage anyone in our community who is looking to add healthy balance to their lives to visit Rescue Yoga and experience their amazing class offerings.  Jennifer and staff offer a warm, friendly, inviting atmosphere where students of all ages, experience ranges and physical abilities can enjoy the practice of yoga in a nurturing environment.  Rescue Yoga offers a variety of classes which will leave students feeling refreshed, energized or calmed, depending on the practice, and the instructors work to insure that we carry this energy off the mat and into our daily lives.  After practicing at Rescue for the last 18 months, yoga has become an important part of my life, and the team Rescue can do the same for others who are interested in the many benefits of a regular yoga practice.  Namaste." 
~ Shane, Sales Management Executive & Certified Yoga Instructor

 "Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy Rescue Yoga! I have been practicing yoga for about 4 years. I stopped due to a job change where I thought I didn't have time anymore for yoga! That was so wrong; stress was high and the arthritis in my thumb joints was so bad that I saw a doctor about surgery. A good friend suggested I get back into my yoga practice. I've been back doing yoga for almost a year now and although my arthritis is still there, I am no longer in constant pain! I believe the practice of yoga has actually strengthened my hands in general and I know the pain is lessened. I look forward to each class with your amazing instructors."
~ Cindy 

"I LOVE Rescue Yoga.  I am a stay at home Mom that goes during the day.  I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I know that yoga has helped me keep my body and mind in great shape.  The diversity of teachers is wonderful.  They all are attuned to their students and modify and challenge us as needed.  We have fun in each and every class and I look forward to my yoga days."
~ Peggi, Stay at Home Mom